Saves Energy. Maximizes Efficiency.

All-in-one piping system provides piping, insulation and protective outer jacket for easy installation and the most efficient system performance.

ThermoPEX is flexible pre-insulated piping that is ideal for use with outdoor furnaces. ThermoPEX consists of two pipes (a supply and return) that are insulated with high-density urethane insulation and a thick, durable, waterproof, polyethylene outer jacket.

Thermal expansion is absorbed with the system because the pipes, urethane insulation and the durable outer jacket are cast together. The corrugated design allows flexing for easier installation. ThermoPEX is a proven product and maintenance-free.

Easy to Install.

ThermoPEX comes pre-assembled and ready to install. No special tools or equipment are required. No drainage tile or gravel backfill is required. ThermoPex only needs a narrow trench for insulation. ThermoPEX is affordable and will reduce installation time, therefore saving you 25% to 40% on your installation costs.

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